Saxo Bank released its forecasts for events that would impact the global economy in 2021.

3 min. Read December 10, 2020.

'Black swans' are rare and unexpected events which impact global activity when it comes to finance.

Pandemic coronavirus which caused a global economic crisis in 2020.

Saxo Bank, like every year, released its predictions on 10 events that could affect global markets by 2021.

Technology will be the biggest cause of damage to the world's accounts, according to the Danish investment bank, which is specialized in online trading and investment.

In 2021 the level of public debt in France will account for 120% of its GDP.

France will seek help from Germany so that it is authorized by the European Central Bank to print more money and allow massive system rescue.

The People's Bank of China seeks a society which uses less cash.

The blockchain does away with the risk of capital flight or illegality.

That created the biggest energy technology paradigm shift since nuclear power.

Wind ETF FAN Down 50%.

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The 'Citizen Technology Fund' is created, which transfers a portion of capital asset ownership to everyone, and an additional portion goes to vulnerable populations, with digital-age productivity gains.

Recovery after vaccine is overheating the economy.

Inflation is rising and unemployment is falling so rapidly that the Fed is allowing rises in long-term Treasury yields.

Physical retail firms are the first to go missing.

Growth rates in emerging markets will be overestimated but key technologies can boost productivity in the private sector, above what has been seen in developed markets in recent decades.

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