In 2020, in many instances robotics - and their artificial intelligence - became truly the best friends and even saviors of humans.

  • Bas uterwijk creates portraits of famous historical figures using AI.
  • From the david and napoleon of Michelangelo to the Statue of Liberty, uterwijk uses artificial intelligence to create photography-type images which could give us an idea of how these people really looked.
  • As the world was confronted with COVID-19's initial challenge - as the pandemic first began - robots began to be designed to help combat by disinfecting hospital rooms with concentrated UV light.
  • The autonomous machines, developed by Danish UVD robots, are used as part of regular cleaning cycles and are extremely useful in preventing and reducing the spread of infectious diseases, viral infections, bacteria and other harmful organic microorganisms in the environment by breaking down their DNA structure.
  • Image BBT gracious.
  • The tokyo university, which was not allowed to hold a traditional coronavirus graduation ceremony, used remote controlled robots to hold a virtual degree.
  • Also known as avatar robots, students used the video-conferencing tool zoom in to the ceremony to display their faces on mobile devices.
  • The newme telepresence robots were designed by ANA group and work as customizable, remotely controlled avatars.
  • The robots, dressed in typical graduation caps and gowns, used tablets instead of the face which allowed the students to see each other.
  • The architecture firm foster + partners also used 'spot' - the agile robot dog of boston dynamics - as a tool for capturing and monitoring on-site construction progression.
  • In a dynamic environment such as a construction site, the two companies have been working together to explore the potential of a robot, capturing changes on a regular basis, and being able to easily compare the 'as-designed' models against the 'as-built' reality.
  • Named 'AI CITY,' the development will be devoted to the aspirations of terminus in the fields of artificial things intelligence, robotics, networking and big data.
  • These animatronics in real time bring together live puppetry, programmed behaviour, and artificial intelligence to create an entirely unique experience.
  • Koreon start-up neofect has developed a 'robotic glove' that can help patients with paralysis to grab and pick up the product prototype, called neomano, is a 'smart glove' designed to help rehabilitate patients following stroke and spinal cord injury.
  • In footage shared on social media, a giant 'gundam' robot showed its first signs of life.
  • Modelled after a character from the 1979 televised anime series 'mobile suit gundam,' the 18-meter-tall robot has been under construction in yokohama, Japanese city, for years.

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